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Dorud ba shumo, barodaroni geram!
Dear brothers and sisters! You are welcome to the first Russian site dedicated to Zoroastrianizm. It was constructed in 1998.12.25.
This site has been designed not for religious purposes only, but the main idea of its creation was to give everybody to get aquainted with the oldest monotheistic religion in the world.
Here you can find the most part of Zoroastrian texts and Holy Scriptures available in Russian translation, artocles dedicated to the Teaching of Zoroastr and its history etc.

To make your navigation easier we subdivided the texts and articles into 3 groups.
The first group is the texts of Holy Avesta in Russian translation.
The second one is texts preserved in Pahlavi version and original Pahlavi comments to Avesta (so called Zand).
The third one is the articles and books of scholars about Zoroastrianizm and its history.
The forth one is links to other Zoroastrian sites in Russian as well as in English ones.
The fifth grope is dedicated to oddy opinions regarding the history of Zoroastrianizm and unusual interpretation of the Teaching of Zoroastr.
And the last sixth group is the direct link to Zoroastrian Forum where everybody can take part in any discussion regarding Zoroastrianizm and Ancient Iran.

We hope this site will give you the most comprehensive knowledge about Zoroastrianism and open you the shiny Teaching of Righteous Prophet Zoroastr!
Ushta we, barodaroni gerami mo!
All blessings to you, our beloved brothers and sisters!

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